The Dutch Sapphire Tiara
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When Denmark's crown princess attends glittering events like royal weddings, state banquets, or the annual New Year's courts, she often wears a distinctive tiara of rubies and diamonds. The tiara isn't only beautiful -- it has an amazing backstory that travels back two centuries to France and the extravagant imperial coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte.
However over the years, as she has become more confident in her role, Crown Princess Mary has made many alterations to this set.
In 2010, she instructed the Danish Jeweller, Marianne Dulong, to restore and adapt the parure for her own use.

The Dutch Sapphire Tiara.

Perfect Dutch Sapphire replica tiara. In 1867, Oscar Masin designed the tiara. Then in 1881, the skillful Parisian jeweler Mellerio created this glittering royal wardrobe essential. Afterward, King Willem III of the Netherlands purchased the extravagant Sapphire Tiara for his wife, Queen Emma. Queen Emma’s daughter, Queen Wilhelmina, did not wear the tiara. Emma’s granddaughter, Queen Juliana, was the next Dutch queen to wear the diadem. However, Juliana’s daughter, Queen Beatrix, wore the beauty; and, now Beatrix’s daughter-in-law, Queen Máxima is wearing the Dutch Sapphire Tiara with great pizzazz.

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