Cubic Zircon CZ Snake Dangle Earring for Women Girl Prom Jewelry with 925 Silver Pin CE10170

$11.28 USD
High quality and popular earring,made 5A  leve Cubic Zircon.
The pin is 925 silver,not sensitized.
Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia
Metal: Real Platinum Plating/18K Yellow Gold Plating
Color: Silver/Gold
Measures: 5.5 m X 1.8cm
Weight: 4.5gram/pcs
Condition:Brand New

Why Do You Choice Our Items:

Select 5A level and top quality zirconias, not glasses, not rhinestone, not cheap zirconias, 5A leve zirconia have more cut faces,Very sparkly.

Excellent craftsmanship,the zirconias not easy fall out,and very smooth,We only produce high quality jewelry.

Plated with real platinum, not rhinestone, not fake platinum, Real platinum plating look like shiny than other plating, and not easy fade.