Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s Kochli Replica Tiara CH10430

$51.40 USD

The tiara: Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s Kochli Replica Tiara.

The story: This tiara was made by Kochli in 1894,Kochli was one of the court jewelers to the imperial court in Simpire, and was the jeweler called upon by Alexander III and his wife Maria Feodorovna to create a new sapphire and diamond parure. This design was selected and the set was given to Princess Alix of Hesse, who married their son Nicholas II the same year. She adopted the name .

Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia.
Metal: Platinum Plating
Measures: Band diameter Approx.16 cm X 3.8 cm(hight at the center)
Condition:Brand New
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