Gorgeous Cubic Zircon Drop Branches Earrings for Wedding, Pearl Earring for Bride, Women's Jewelry Accessories CE11857

$9.96 USD


The pearls are not plastic beads, it is "SHELL PEARL"..
What is "SHELL PEARL",It made by shell powder, it look like real Freshwater  pearl, but the cost lower more.

High quality and popular earring,madew with gradient zircon.
The pin is 925 silver,not sensitized.
Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia
Metal: Real Rhodium
Color: SILER
Measures: 5 cm X 1.6 cm
Weight: 4 gram/pcs
Condition:Brand New

Why Do You Choice Us

I. All are 5A grade zirconia,not fake ziconia,not glass,not rhinestone .
The Pearls is not plastic beads, It is "Shell-Pearl".
The "Shell-Pearl" made by real shell powder,the quality better than plastic beads,look like real pearl,but cost lower than pearls.

II. Plated with real RHODIUM or Gold,Not fake,not easy to fade.

III. Made with 925 Silver Pin,Not allergic.