The Chaumet Bourbon-Parma Tiara,Europe Royal Replica Tiara for Wedding TR15079

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The tiara: The Chaumet Bourbon-Parma Tiara.

The history: This is one of those rare tiaras that has managed to become fairly well known despite the fact that it isn't owned by a reigning royal family, and wasn't ever really worn by a hugely famous royal. It does have royal roots, though, as it was initially a wedding gift for a royal marriage. The Belle Époque style tiara was made in 1919 by Joseph Chaumet and was bought by the Duchess of Doudeauville (some reports say it was the Duke). She gave it to her daughter, Hedwige de La Rochefoucauld (1896-1986), for her marriage to Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma that same year. It has a base which alternates between sizes of diamond collets and a body of sprays of diamonds held by knife-edge platinum settings. The top has upright pear-shape diamonds and there are both round and pear-shape diamonds below.

High quality classic design tiaras,Made by Micro-Pave-Setting and plating with real  rhodium,not easy fade,the stones not easy fall out.

Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia.
Metal: Platinum Plating
Measures: 14.5cm(diameter) X 5.5 cm(hight at the center)
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