The Empress Eugenie Pearls Tiara, France's Pearl Diadem Tiara for Wedding TR15073

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The tiara:  The Empress Eugenie Pearls Tiara/Empress Eugénie of France's Pearl Diadem

The history: Esta tiara fue hecha en 1853 por Gabriel Lemonnier usando joyas de la colección de la corona francesa que fueron usadas anteriormente por la emperatriz María Luisa de Francia y la princesa María Teresa, duquesa de Angulema.

  1. Empress Eugénie of France; from her husband Emperor Napoleon III on the occasion of their 1853 marriage.
  2. French State Treasury; the tiara was kept at Brest, France from 1870 to 1872 along with the rest of the crown jewels and then moved to a vault at the Ministry of Finance, it was displayed at the 1878 Exposition Universelle and at the Musée du Louvre in 1884.
  3. Empress Eugénie of France's Pearl Diadem Lemonnier Princess Gloria Thurn und Taxis.
  4. Julius Jacob; bought at an auction of the French crown jewels by the National Assembly in May 1887 for 78,100 French Francs
  5. Princess Margarethe Klementine of Thurn und Taxis; from her husband, Prince Albert I, on the occasion of their 1890 marriage
  6. Prince Franz Joseph of Thurn und Taxis; inherited from his mother in 1955
  7. Prince Karl August of Thurn und Taxis; inherited from his brother in 1971
  8. Princess Gloria of Thurn und Taxis; from her father-in-law on the occasion of her 1980 marriage to Prince Johannes but later sold to pay inheritance taxes after the death of her husband
  9. Musée du Louvre; bought by the Friends of the Louvre in 1992 for 935,000 Deutsch Mark

High quality classic design tiaras,Made by Micro-Pave-Setting and plating with real  rhodium,not easy fade,the stones not easy fall out.
The pearls are "SHELL-PEARLS"(not natural freshwater pearls),Made with powder of shell, not cheap plastic beads.The luster look like freshwater pearls, but cost lower than it,Usually used for some high-end fashion jewelry. 

Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia,Shell-Pearls
Metal: Platinum Plating
Measures: 14.5cm(diameter) X 8 cm(hight at the center)
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