The Essex Tiara,Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bridal Princess Royal Tiara Crown CH10296

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The Tiara:The Essex Tiara

The history: Tiara designs often fall into two categories: either they stand as a specific example of design from their era, or they manage to transcend that time period. Today’s sparkler, the Essex Tiara, definitely falls into the “timeless” category.

The diamond scroll tiara was made in 1902 by Cartier. It was made with a specific event in mind: the upcoming coronation of King Edward VII. The original wearer of the tiara was as elegant and rich as the tiara’s design: Adele Beach Grant, the American railway heiress who married the 7th Earl of Essex in 1893. The earl bought the tiara for Adele just before the coronation, and she wore it in Westminster Abbey on Coronation Day in August 1902.

in 1990, the piece was auctioned at Christie’s and bought by a diamond dealer. (Unfortunately, this transaction too is a little shrouded in mystery — we don’t seem to know the name of the purchaser.) The dealer quickly resold the tiara, and to an important buyer: the director of the Cartier Collection. The jewelry firm that made the tiara has owned it every since, and they were happy to loan it out for another important royal occasion. In 1996, Crown Princess Margareta, daughter of the last King of Romania, borrowed the tiara from Cartier for her wedding in Lausanne. An exhibition of Cartier Collection jewels was conveniently mounted in Lausanne in the same year.

High Quality Tiaras,Made by Micro-Pave-Setting and plating with real platinum, Materials:Copper,cubic zirconia. Metal: Platinum Plating Color:Silver Measures: Band diameter Approx.14cm X 5.5cm(hight at the center) Condition:Brand New

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