The Khedive of Egypt Tiara,Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bridal Royal Replica Tiaras,Diadem Hair Jewelry CH10294

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The Khedive of Egypt Tiara

Princess Margaret of Connaught had a number of tiaras at her disposal during her tenure as crown princess of Sweden, but none of the others are quite as romantic and sentimental as today’s piece: the Cartier tiara given to her as a wedding gift by the Khedive of Egypt.

The Khedive tiara’s story begins even before the piece’s creation. Princess Margaret, the niece of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, was on a royal tour with her parents, who wanted to marry their daughters off to suitable royal spouses. They had their eye on the future king of Sweden, Gustaf VI Adolf, as a prospective partner for Margaret’s sister, Princess Patricia. They rendezvous-ed with Gustaf Adolf in Cairo, where he immediately fell in love — but with the wrong sister. It didn’t matter, in the end; Margaret was in love with him, too. Gustaf Adolf proposed to her during a dinner at the British consulate in Cairo, and the two were married at Windsor in 1905. 

Metal: Platinum Plated
Measures: Band diameter Approx.14.5cm X 5.5cm(hight at the center) 

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